As the heirs of expertise passed down through the centuries, artisans and small business owners are the engine that drives the productive future of Italy. Confartigianato Imprese stands by their side through the activities of its 104 local associations, 21 regional federations, 12 category federations, and 46 trade associations. Each day in the 1,187 offices of Confartigianato Imprese in Italy, 10,250 people work to serve over 1.5 million artisans and small business owners with a total of 3 million employees.

Italy holds the record in Europe for the highest number of artisan enterprises and small businesses, and Confartigianato Imprese is the largest European network that represents these people’s interests and provides them with services. Established in 1946, Confartigianato accompanies companies as they evolve, combining traditional ancient trades and innovative activities using advanced technologies.

Confartigianato assists the entrepreneur and his company in every phase: from the development of the business plan and formation of the company to financing and start-up, management of administrative duties, the implementation of technologies and positioning on the market, and also the transfer of ownership and company reorganization. Artisans, self-employed professionals, and small businesses can rely on Confartigianato for information, representation of their interests, and relations with government agencies and their counterparts in negotiations. Confartigianato is also a partner for companies, ready to supply customized services that are indispensable for launching a business and helping it grow and compete on a rapidly evolving market.

For people with a passionate idea, who believe in themselves and their capabilities and who want to put themselves to the test, Confartigianato Imprese is by their side. Confartigianato Imprese protects and promotes the productive heritage of Italy: the pride, ability, and expertise of artisans and small business owners who work and who give work to others in our country. Confartigianato Imprese defends Italian excellence and everything that is “done well”.


Confartigianato provides an organized solution, based on representation and services, to business owners to promote their values, protect their rights and fulfill their expectations. This solution is called Confartigianato Persone, with 4 national networks that help the entrepreneur and his family in exercising his rights and performing his duties as required by law:

  • INAPA, Istituto Nazionale di Assistenza e di Patronato per l’Artigianato, assists artisans and small businesses and provides them with consulting throughout Italy regarding social welfare services for the sector;
  • CAAF, Centro Autorizzato di Assistenza Fiscale, assists retirees and employees in preparing their tax forms and income statements;
  • ANAP, Associazione Nazionale Anziani e Pensionati, is a point of reference for senior citizens. The association actively works in all Italian provinces to represent, protect and promote the interests of retired artisans and small business owners and senior citizens;
  • ANCOS, Associazione Nazionale Comunità Sociali e Sportive, organizes and promotes leisure activities.


Confartigianato is close to businesses. We’re all over Italy with a network of over 1,200 offices. You can find us in cities and towns, and even in small mountain villages. We’re also in Brussels. Wherever there’s a business, there’s Confartigianato. There’s certainly an office near where you live or work in Italy. Check here.


The artisan sector, with its products and services, is the soul of Italian manufacturing. It also produces the style that the whole world admires. The excellence of the Italian artisan sector can be found in the perfect cut of an outfit, the engraving of a jewel, a buttonhole stitched with care, a perfectly installed system, machine tools that are custom-made for their users, and a flawlessly constructed wood window.

All this and more represents the history and culture of Italy. Italy’s manufacturing tradition has always been able to transform itself and to invent innovative technological solutions. The artisan industry is the “art of savoir faire” and “savoir faire in art.” It is the extraordinary balance between the skillfulness of the hand, the creativity of the mind, and the passion of the heart. All this can be found in the 1.5 million businesses that belong to numerous sectors that Confartigianato has organized into seven business areas, 12 category federations, and 46 trade associations.



Do you need help with your business? Confartigianato provides artisans and small business owners with tailor-made solutions. For 700,000 Italian entrepreneurs, Confartigianato is the perfect partner that accompanies them in all phases of their business. Just enter one of the 1,200 Confartigianato offices working in Italy and the solution is within reach.

Do you need financing? Do you want to enter foreign markets? Is this the right time to hire employees? How can you transform a brilliant idea into a profitable business? How can you pay less for electricity? When can I retire? How can I have efficient health services? How much does a new plant cost? Who will give me money to remodel my workshop? How can I find new customers Confartigianato’s 14,000 experts provide fast, effective answers to these and a thousand other questions.

That’s because the wide range of Confartigianato services has everything for entrepreneurs and their families, from taxes to credit, from technological innovation to supplementary healthcare coverage, from incentives for buying machinery with special financing to export projects, from professional training to special agreements for buying products and services at discounted prices, from welfare and healthcare assistance to consulting for HR management, worker safety, and environmental obligations. With the assistance provided by Confartigianato, entrepreneurs can say goodbye to the anxiety of dealing with official procedures and paperwork. The time dedicated to bureaucracy is reduced to zero, so they can focus on improving the company business, always with the help of Confartigianato, which paves the way for the new opportunities offered by digital technologies and occasions for promoting the company through e-commerce platforms. In Confartigianato, the company finds solutions for saving time and money, but also ways for entering new markets, for sharing a development project with other entrepreneurs, and for creating and steering the company towards the most promising sectors. Credit, bureaucracy, energy, exports, work, healthcare, and training: for all these aspects, Confartigianato offers tailor-made solutions for small business entrepreneurs. These effective solutions help make up for the lack of public services.

For credit and incentives, Confartigianato offers the financial products of Artigiancassa, the artisans’ bank, and the services of Fedart Fidi, the federation of artisan consortia and cooperatives for credit line guarantees.

Energy at convenient prices and conditions is available through 3 energy consortia: Caem, Multienergia, and Cenpi.
Bilateral agencies composed of the entrepreneurial organizations in the artisan sector and labor unions help effectively manage business relations and provide revenue support in the event of a company crisis, redundancy schemes, worker training, and any other need tied to contractual relations.
It is easier to sell Italian products abroad through the export consortia network that offers custom-tailored services at special rates.
San.Arti provides customized supplementary healthcare plans for business owners, their families and employees.
Fondartigianato, the Interprofessional Training Fund, ensures employee training and qualification.
If there’s a problem that needs to be solved, Confartigianato is ready to lend a hand. If there’s an opportunity to seize, Confartigianato is ready to give Italian entrepreneurs a boost.

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